Friday, July 12, 2013

On parking and s**t!

Maybe next time you'll use only one parking place with your big ol' pickup truck. -- NOAA photo.

Is it irrational that I get irritated when I see a large pickup truck parked in more than one parking place? I guess you'd have to ask my therapist that. But in fact, I do tend to get ticked off especially when a large dual-cab pickup is parked in two parking places in which one space could have been more than sufficient to park my little Tacoma pickup.

I suppose it is anal. But parking in a marked parking space is not that difficult. Thousands upon thousands do it every day and most without hitting some other object. Oh, I guess it says something about a person who doesn't park within the boundaries. They like to color outside the lines. They're individuals. Or maybe, just maybe, they're assholes.

Certainly laziness has to play a part in a great many incidences of poor parking behavior. But I have to ask, what kind of energy does one expend parking their car or truck within a specific area?

When I worked as a fireman I had to park some very large trucks in some very confined space and people, meaning the fire brass, the city council, the taxpayers, all wouldn't take very kindly to dinging up their trucks worth sometimes a half-million dollars or upwards. So I parked those trucks just like they should have been parked. It didn't wear me out from what I remember.

If I were King of the FORRESSST, violators would be towed to hurricane-or-tsunami-plagued areas and left to weather your big ol' ugly pick-up. It would be kind of like the above photo.

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Saturday, July 06, 2013

A pic from the past

Divide between Sea Rim State Park and McFaddin Beach post Hurricane Ike. I am just seeing whether this relic works in case I have to bolt from Word Press. Work is ongoing to see if we can keep up on WP.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nothing to look at. Move along. To